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Welsbach aims to become a global leader in technology metals project development.

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Energy Transition &
Supply/Demand Imbalance

Climate change is driving a comprehensive world energy transition towards a low carbon future resulting in major investments in clean energy technologies like electric mobility, energy storage solutions and renewable energy production


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The need for the development of global reliable and diversified technology metals supply chains will require the development of new projects across the full traditional supply chain as well as across multiple regions


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Circular Economy &
Sustainable Supply Chains

New innovations and technologies in the recycling of natural resources will provide a unique opportunity to first movers in the market to generate significant return on investment

Geopolitical Risks, Volatility & Risk Management


Tall Buildings

We provide innovative structured credit solutions

At a time where banks are reviewing and reducing their exposures the physical commodity trading sector, Welsbach provides innovative structured credit solutions by bridging the gap between capital seekers and financing sources based on Welsbach's ample network of alternative finance providers. Welsbach has a specific edge in terms of accessing financing sources from institutions across Asia-Pacific.


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Covering Global Markets Including Emerging Market Jurisdictions

Welsbach has the experience and a track record in enabling the flow of concentrates and oxides backed by long term marketing agreements, customized to deliver the exact level of product exposure required by our clients. Welsbach covers markets globally, including emerging market jurisdictions.


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Corporate Governance &

Corporate governance and sustainability have never been so important. Welsbach advises its partners on how to navigate and position their operations in order to ensure that best practices are implemented across their entire operations. We believe that stakeholders' value is enhanced by a thoughtful and effective implementation of key ESG tenets.