Welsbach invests in and supports its partners

in the energy transition materials supply chain.

About Welsbach

Welsbach Holdings was formed to provide logistics, management and capital solutions to companies and customers involved in the energy transition.

Welsbach supports its supply chain partners in the upstream and midstream segments across products that are critical to the decarbonisation of the grid and to the electrification of the economy. Welsbach also focuses on R&D solutions for industrial consumers in the downstream segments.

Our purpose is to support the energy transition by deploying funds and expertise in the supply chain of resources that are critical to reduce carbon emissions.

Company Profile

The Energy Transition is the challenge of our generation. We are all affected by climate change, and the energy transition is the challenge of our lifetime. Out of the many obstacles to overcome, a major one faced by organisation and companies is the access to adequate capital.

At Welsbach Holdings, our purpose is to direct social and financial capital to support the energy transition, by deploying funds and expertise in ventures that contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, directly and indirectly.

Our goal is to contribute and to support the companies that engage in the sustainable production of metals and materials that are critical to the energy transition.

Our team of professionals stems from the fields of natural resources, engineering, material science, technology, logistics, project management and finance and each member has a brilliant track record in his or her respective craft.

At Welsbach Holdings, we have decided that it is time to put our money where our mouth is, to walk the talk, to invest our capital and to play our role in the Energy Transition.


Welsbach aims to become a global leader in technology
metals project development.

Supply Chain Advisory

Supply Chain Advisory  

Energy Transition &
Supply/Demand Imbalance

Climate change is driving a comprehensive world energy transition towards a low carbon future resulting in major investments in clean energy technologies like electric mobility, energy storage solutions and renewable energy production.

Trading and Logistics

Trading and Logistics  

Geopolitical Risks, Volatility
& Risk Management

The needs for the development of global reliable and diversified technology metals supply chain will require the development of new projects across the full traditional supply chain as well as across multiple regions.

Investments and Project Development

Investments and Project Development  

Circular Economy & Sustainable
Supply Chains

New innovations and technologies in the recycling of natural resources will provide a unique opportunity to generate significant returns on investments.

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits  

We are carbon credit specialist

We participate both in the compliance and the voluntary carbon credits markets. Welsbach relies on its origination and structuring know-how and experience to create, develop and manage projects with carbon credits where there is a focus on additional co-benefits such as water and forest conservation. With a geographic expertise centred on South-East Asia, Welsbach is uniquely positioned to offer access to credits which are accredited by third parties and which can be readily monetised.

Product Streams and Royalties

Product Streams and Royalties  

Covering Global Markets Including Emerging Market Jurisdictions

Welsbach has the experience and a track record in enabling the flow of concentrates and oxides backed by long term marketing agreements, customized to deliver the exact level of product exposure required by our clients. Welsbach covers markets globally, including emerging market jurisdictions.



Corporate Governance
& Sustainability

Corporate governance and sustainability have never been so important. Welsbach advises its partners on how to navigate and position their operations in order to ensure that best practices are implemented across their entire operations. We believe that stakeholders' value is enhanced by a thoughtful and effective implementation of key ESG tenets.


Amvest Capital and Welsbach Holdings
form new energy material fund


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